You Know You're A Unicorn 🦄

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Jacqueline Malone

I have always known that I was a unicorn. All my life I felt like I was very special in the way that I like to dress and wear jewelry. I am a little extra in that way. When Sassy Jones came along , her jewelry really really made me feel like my uniqueness completed my sence of style. I just love it when people just admire me when I walk into a room. That’s because I am that Unicorn.

Brenda Mitchell

I believe I’ve been unique most of my life…Sassy Jones has enhanced, bright en, and just allowed me to become full circle..thank you for being the creator’s of our uniqueness…..


I was always considered weird, strange and different. Now I realize I am unique, special and magical. I had to meet others in my tribe to learn just how magical I am.


I know I’m a Unicorn when I can be bold, brash and sassy at the same time. I mix and match shades of eyeshadow, Blush, lippies and accessories that has nothing to do with the outfit I have on. I can go from a quiet professional during the day to operating a business that caters to the public and still be SASSY while doing it.

Sapphire Allen

I have always been that unique girl growing up from being a tomboy to a woman with some curves now. I am never the norm with presenting myself always a little extra. Embracing my uniqueness even more now with Sassy Jones and so many amazing queens encouraging us all to be the Unicorns we are. Thanks queen Jones for all you do and who you are. Much love.

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