You Know You're A Unicorn 🦄

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Kawanda Miller

I know I’m a Unicorn, because I’m confident, creative and my style is rare and very unique. I love God and I love feeling good about myself. I’m always admired for my colorful bright sparkly fashions and my beautiful smile. I love Sassy Jones creativity and the ongoing fashion.


When you are you and nobody else. That’s my super power!!

Dreama L Graham

I love being ME! Bright colors, lips popping, and dancing for no reason other then I am ME.

I see you Unicorn’s! Let’s make it a day great.

Frances Gerald

My confidence has gone through the roof, since I became a unicorn

Marla Fowlkes

You know you are a Unicorn when your energy commands attention just by your mere presence. It’s not arrogance but your joy that shines so bright you can’t hide it if you wanted to. I am a Unicorn!

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