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Bessie Wilson

Dear Charis, I have wacmtched you for years on the website and listened to you on sparkle. You are the best! from your Generation. I’m not surprised at the things you went through but I’m glad you saw the light of God. Long story short, people that love and give like you do have a big, big heart and then one day God let’s you know that’s enough. It’s a lesson learned about the world but God let you come out and through the test. It’s the same test He went through loving and giving. The difference is He laid down his life for us. We can’t lay our live down fir the world but you loved them and God said that’s enough. We all love you here at my house and we have prayed for you as we see you. You have touched my life and I am much older than you. You have reached the hearts of many and all ages. You are full and running over with love and life. Lesson learned and I will always charish the fun I have whenever I purchase your products. ❤️❤️ the tears 😢 are running down my eyes. Tears of joy.


Yes, I can relate. I had to do the same thing.

Bonnie Anglin

Chile YES!!! I can relate. Though I am 10 years older, watching you and learning from has changed my life. But the most I have learned about saying NO and being okay with saying NO is when I had to take a 10 week medical leave. I have never stopped working, never have I ever taken a break for me and ONLY me. I want for once to get up in the morning because I want to and not because I have to. I get up thinking about everyone else, that they need me to help them get their day started. And when it’s my turn….it’s rush rush rush. I feel like I am running a race against time. Yes, I am tired 😫 So I feel you! Shut down and say NO. Guilt-free.

Natasha Granger-Isom

I do understand where you’re coming from. At times I can feel the stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. Trying to start an online business, working and going to school full time, I question myself if I am making the right choice but I leave it all in God’s hands and wish everyone all the best in whatever your future accomplishments are. God Bless

Chandra McCoy

Yes, this is definitely me!!! I am a care giver for my 81-year-old mom, I am a wife, I am a Glam Mother of a 2-year-old, of which his father, my son is Epileptic, and his wife who also has a sickness that leaves me caring for the baby when they are down, I am the guardian of my 15-year-old great nephew that I have to stay close in talking to and caring for because of him seeing his dad murdered in front of him. Yes, that is a big obstacle that my husband and I took on to care for him along with us getting counseling for him. I learned to relieve some of my stress by just moving on, but I’ve also learned to let some things go. I am so thankful for my SJSS sisters that are always willing to send up prayers and comfort me at times I just feel lost. Charis, you are an inspiration and I have truly learned to let God be in control and always remember, God will not put more on you that you can bear. I Love you with the love of the Lord!!!!

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