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Reflect: At the start of a week or the day, taking time to reflect on the prior day(s) or week helps me move through my tasks of the day known and potentially unknown with clarity and foresight. This minimizes anxiety and/or frustration when I have to make decisions with short notice, something doesn’t go according to plans or the unexpected occurs.

Queen G

Purpose! It’s clear; and I recognize my educational journey, volunteerism, career path, relationships, areas of interest, and challenges have prepared me for where I am in this season. It’s MY Purpose, and the best part is that my spirit, soul, and body agree. There is much to be done, and by God’s grace, I will!


I say my prayers before I go to sleep and when I first wake up in the am. I enjoy helping and giving support to young ladies so they can be the best they can be. Encourage others, the way others encouraged and supported me.

Jennifer Harris

Setting my pace! It is a must for me! And it doesn’t matter if I’m trying to underwrite a multi-million dollar property for my 9-5 or developing a new recipe for my business, pace is important. If I can control the tempo, allowing for ample time and attention to the details of a thing, it almost always promises a successful outcome.

Karen Jeremiah

My one thing is to pray.

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