About four months after delivering twin boys, Charis Jones took the road at large to introduce Sassy Jones to the world with inventory in the trunk and a dream of helping women feel undeniably confident through style. This van has trekked over 30,000 miles in 15 months traveling to spread the news of Sassy Jones across America.

But she hit a ‘wall’ afterwards, that trade show business model wasn't sustainable. Her tired body was broke down from sleepless nights of new motherhood of 2 and traveling simultaneously. Even today, she wonders how she got through those years, but her hunger propelled her. However, something had to give and a steady day job appeared to be the most logical & sane decision. After all, she’d spent all of the households’ money on getting this brand off the ground. 

She decided to give the online business a whirl, she had heard so much about it! So she literally set up her trade show display in her kitchen after she put her twins down to bed nightly and live streamed on social media to show off her jewelry; she called it the ‘Sparkle Party®’. And that was the beginning of the throttle of this very special brand. 

Since then Sassy Jones has grown into a multi million-dollar enterprise that designs incredibly unique jewelry, audacious ready-to-wear women’s clothes, beauty, and accessories sold online and in our Flagship store in Richmond,VA!

From landing #24 on the prestigious INC 5000 list to being named by Forbes as a top brand that thrived during the pandemic, we still hold our customer centric values at the forefront of our spectacular growth. Teaching women to be fearlessly unapologetic with their style choices and offering the solutions to live that audacious and colorful lifestyle is what keeps our clients feeling undeniably confident.