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Yazmine 3D Lashes (Glam Level)


Take it to the next level with our ‘Yazmine’ lash. This glam lash features a malleable black band, unbeatable length, voluminous body, and density. This tapered-lightweight lash will elevate your beauty to the max featuring a unique design, these feathered lashes flares out towards the tip of the lash and provide consistent length from end to end, for a glamorous look.

  • Tested up to 35 wears included swimming and working out
  • 3D Faux mink
  • Black band
  • Easy to apply
  • Glue required
  • Item is lightweight
How To Use
  1. Grab the lash with your 'Sassy Jones' applicator, apply glue to your lash, allow to dry for 30 seconds, and apply false lash directly to the base of your natural eyelashes.
  2. Hold in place for 10 seconds to allow for drying.
  3. Start with center, outer corner, then inner corner.

      Yazmine 3D Lashes (Glam Level)



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      Yazmine 3D Lashes (Glam Level) - Sassy Jones

      Yazmine 3D Lashes (Glam Level)

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