Caliope Stretch Bracelet Stack - Glass Boho


Stack up on style with the Caliope Bangle Stack in Glass Boho. This set includes seven stretch bracelets featuring bright, multi-colored glass beads. With each bracelet having a different combination of beads, you’ll never get bored with this set. Wear them with a sleek, white top to really make the bangles pop, or rock them with the entire Caliope collection to make an unforgettable statement. 


  • Multi-colored, hand-blown Murano glass beads 
  • Body temperature stretch technology adjusts to your wrist circumference after 3 hours of wear
  • Set of 7 stretch bracelets
  • Lightweight
Measurements: Dia: 2.5'' | Cir: 7'' | W: 0.25'' 

    Caliope Stretch Bracelet Stack - Glass Boho



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    Caliope Stretch Bracelet Stack - Glass Boho

    Caliope Stretch Bracelet Stack - Glass Boho

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