Let it go, so you can let it flow.

Let it go, so you can let it flow. - Sassy Jones

Happy January Sassy Nation! A new year usually brings in new goals, new perspective and new energy, I’m the exact same way. In many ways a new year can feel like a clean slate and for me I’ve decided to get laser focused on my health and wellness. At the beginning of the year I was scheduled for surgery to have my turbinates reduced, they are sorta like the air filters in your nose. Well mine are like 5 times the size they are supposed to be.. Girl yea, for years I’ve dealt with chronic sinus infections, increased mucus production and a runnier nose than my 6 year olds. 

And it hit me like a ton of bricks, this is actually within my control… Whenever you face an issue, identify the source, not the symptoms. My source was inflammation and I knew exactly what to do about it.