What I’m loving right now...


Donna Harvey

OMG your 8 year old has ripped arms already! Awesome!
I’m loving planning this Amtrak trip to NOLA for me and my three sisters. We’ve never been on a sisters trip so this is gonna be FUN! I’m loving having money from payday to payday even after helping my grown children with emergencies that pop up.


I’m just enjoying “BEING”. In between jobs and taking some time for me…I haven’t really seen that girl in a while….❤️


I am enjoying raising my teenage son as a single parent and excited about what life holds for us both! He is such a wonderful and loving boy and help keeps me grounded. I’m loving that I can experience the joys of life and I am not letting nothing distrub my spirit and peace!


I am enjoying, my peace. I have been cleaning and organizing my home; mainly my Sassy Jones inventory. I am able to see the things that I have. I am able to locate things easier and quicker, giving me peace✌️


I’m enjoying most everything. Years ago I was given a diagnosis. Fast forward my daughter has the same thing.
I’m enjoying as much as I can. Enjoying Traveling. Reading books by friends who are authors.
All of you scarves.

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