Dina Double Studs - Golden Mercury


Effortlessly slay any day, and throw on these lightweight statement makers. Meet the Dina Double Studs in Golden Mercury. Featuring a dazzling design of translucent resin beads with black, gold, and silver paint flickering, these timeless studs are the perfect compliment to any look. Enjoy maximum versatility with these beauties and wear them in 3 different ways: 

1) As shown

2) Reverse so larger stud is in front of lobe

3) Use a smaller stud and place a regular earring back on.. 


  • Translucent resin beads
  • Black, gold, and silver paint flicker
  • Post Stud
  • Double-Sided
  • Lightweight
Measurements: L: 1.1" | W: 1.1" | Dia: Smaller Stud: 0.2" | Larger Stud: 1"

Dina Double Studs - Golden Mercury



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Dina Double Studs - Golden Mercury

Dina Double Studs - Golden Mercury

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