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Chrysallis Agate Sparkler - Jade/Amethyst


Embrace your undeniable natural beauty with the organic opulence of the Chrysallis Agate Sparkler in Jade and Amethyst. Featuring a dazzling druzy amethyst pendant surrounded by a halo of gold crystals, this piece is the perfect mix of regal yet refined. Accented with strands of hand-cut jade and amethyst beads in rich shades of green and purple, this one-of-a-kind necklace was made to match your one-of-a-kind style. Designed to help calm the mind, body, and spirit in peace and harmony, the natural amethyst stones in this lavish look will empower you to stride through life with confidence and clarity. 

Due to the natural beauty of the amethyst and jade stones, the colors in each unique piece will vary.


-Hand-cut genuine amethyst pendant with druzy finish (may have variations in stone shape and size that are not reflected in the photo)
-Gold crystal halo around the pendant
-Hand-cut genuine jade and amethyst beads (may have variations in stone color that are not reflected in the photo)
-Custom gold end caps
-Gold metal alloy hardware
-2 strand design
-Collar length
-6-inch extender and hook closure
-Weight 11 oz.


-Circumference: 26”
-Length: 15.25”
-Drop: 9”

Chrysallis Agate Sparkler - Jade/Amethyst



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Chrysallis Agate Sparkler - Jade/Amethyst - Sassy Jones

Chrysallis Agate Sparkler - Jade/Amethyst

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