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Precision Rose Gold Sharpener


Introducing our Precision Lip Liner Pencil Sharpener - this double sharpener makes it easier to perfect and fine-tune both regular sized and jumbo lip liners. Featuring fine blades to help achieve a smooth application and a casing to collect pencil shavings for easy, effortless cleaning.

How To Use

The top on the pencil sharpener is safe and secure, locked tight so no need to worry about a mess happening in your makeup bag. Simply lift open the top to empty the shavings. 

  • Fine Blades
  • Double Sharpeners: Regular & Jumbo
  • Top Case for Pencil Shavings
  • W: 1.4" | L: 1"

Precision Rose Gold Sharpener



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Precision Rose Gold Sharpener - Sassy Jones

Precision Rose Gold Sharpener

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