Energy Studs - Botswana Agate


Utterly opulent yet sleek and sophisticated, the timeless design and awe-inspiring beauty of the Energy Studs will empower your inner goddess as you own the room with confidence. Stunning rectangular Botswana Agate cabochons in hues of white, silver, gray, and brown embedded in breathtaking hematite-plated silver pendants make for a powerful and distinct piece. These gorgeous show-stoppers will elevate any outfit and be sure to boost your mood. Go on sis, it’s time to make your power known. 

Due to the natural beauty of Botswana Agate, the colors in each unique piece will vary. 


  • Natural Botswana Agate (may have variations in stone color that are not reflected in the photo)
  • Hematite-plated silver alloy metal
  • Silicone grip back post 
  • Medium-weight 

Measurements: Length: 1.5” | Width: 1” | Drop: 1.25”

Energy Studs - Botswana Agate


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Energy Studs - Botswana Agate - Sassy Jones

Energy Studs - Botswana Agate

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