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Bespoke Becoming Silk Blend Scarf

$29.00 Precio regular $57.99

The process of becoming is a continuum, never an arrival. Inspired by the uncomfortability of growth, let this scarf be your beautiful reminder that you are doing just fine even with it feels unbecoming. Covered with affirmations like, 'grace over grind' and 'trust the process', this piece was uniquely designed to uplift you toward the highest version of you. Showcasing a vibrant color story of the royalty of purple combined with the joy of orange, the bese sake symbols are indicative of affluence with togetherness. So move boldly toward your manifestations, we've got your style covered.


  • Poly twill silk-blend
  • Words: Trust The Process & Grace Over Grind
  • Signature SJ Logo
  • Oversized design
  • 51 x 51 inches
  • Hand-stitched
  • Double-sided
  • Lightweight

Bespoke Becoming Silk Blend Scarf

$29.00 Precio regular $57.99

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Bespoke Becoming Oversized Scarf - Sassy Jones

Bespoke Becoming Silk Blend Scarf

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