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Babar Bangle Stack- Golden


Emanating strength and wisdom, the Babar Bangle Stack in Golden will take any look from ordinary to extraordinary. This two bracelet set features a gold bangle encrusted in gold elephant motifs, and a rich brown bangle inlaid with dark gold and clear crystals, creating the perfect mix of boho bold glamor. Pair with a casual jeans and blouse look or with your favorite date night dress, this sumptuous set exudes bold and audacious style anywhere you go.


  • 2 piece resin bangle set in varying widths
  • Gold bangle features gold elephant motifs on 4 sides
  • Brown circular bangle encrusted with gold and clear crystals
  • Gold alloy metal hardware 
  • Lightweight 3 oz.

Measurements: ​​Diameter: 3”| Cir: 7.25” and 7.5”| W: 0.5” and 0.75" 

Babar Bangle Stack- Golden


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Babar Bangle Stack- Golden

Babar Bangle Stack- Golden

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