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Alma Equestrian Belt - Mahogany (Sizes Available)


 Why It’s Different:

  • Hand-woven leather edge and center detailing
  • Antique gold hardware that will never fade 
  • Thoughtfully shaped center panel giving security exactly where you need it
  • 5 notch sizing options 

How You’ll Feel:

  • Snatched and secure with the curved front design that creates an hourglass shape
  • Ready to own the room with a statement-making design that takes any basic outfit to the next level 
  • Luxurious and bold, a sight to behold

What They’ll Say:

  • That leather looks so good; she must have gotten it from Italy
  • She sure knows how to make an outfit pop
  • She’s confident in her skin and embraces her curves 

Material: 100% Genuine Cow Leather 


  • XS/ S: 34” total length
  • M: 39” total length
  • L/XL: 44” total length

Alma Equestrian Belt - Mahogany (Sizes Available)


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Alma Equestrian Belt - Mahogany (Sizes Available) - Sassy Jones

Alma Equestrian Belt - Mahogany (Sizes Available)

Precio por unidad $49.99

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