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Energy Budgeting

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I get it, Charisse. It wasn’t until I took an abrupt yet bold charge in my life that things changed expeditiously. New interests, new people, new focus! Living myself MORE with like-minded Queens.
See you in the sunset soon✅

Eileen Scott

Energy Budgeting is important with every year God blesses me with a new chapter. Age like wine only get better. Age backwards.

Roz Simms

Charis, I can relate and feel you! It is never easy but an accomplished individual can and will make iIT happen, by hook or crook! Lord, I sound like my mama! Keep your positivity at the forefront and if you step on some toes and catch enemy vibes, so be it! Trust in God, keep your faith and family to the forefront and press on! Nobody realizes how hard it is to please everyone. Stop trying, ask for His mercies! You can doALL things through Christ!

Whew child, thanks for sharing your thoughts because I saw you as a machine, running things! You are human and allowed to feel what you feel. We all go through it, I appreciate all that you are, but praise thyself, 2br! Love ya!

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